Texoma K-9 Training Center L.L.C.
21698 SW Coombs Rd
Cache, OK 73527

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Our kennel and training facility are located on 160 acres South West of Cache, Oklahoma.  Just West of Lawton /
Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.  20 minute drive.

Please contact us by email  or text message if you leave a message on the phone.  There are many times that we
are unable to make out a phone call clearly and unable to hear a phone number because of static, bad connection,
or dogs barking...etc.   It is nice to have the email or text as a back up with the phone number and contact

E-mail info@texomak-9.com or  Bill@TexomaK-9.com
phone or text 580-512-6629.

If there are any problems accessing this website or portions of it including video, please contact us so the
problem can be fixed or with any questions you may have.  Thank you.  

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