THE TEXOMA K-9 TRAINING CENTER L.L.C. is located in the heart of the Wichita Mountains of Southwest
Oklahoma.  Cache, Oklahoma.  A 15 minute drive from Lawton, OK.  This region of Southwestern Oklahoma and
North Texas is commonly known as Texoma and that is where we took our name.

Texoma K-9 started as a group of friends and trainers that came together to train their police and sport dogs.  Both
the old guys and the young pups still come together a couple times a week to train dogs.  Police canine trainers and
handlers, protection dog owners, sport trainers and handlers, and decoys.

Licensed through the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBNDD) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

We have certified police instructors by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement  Education and Training (CLEET).

Training Personnel

Bill Jenkins
is the owner of Texoma K-9.  Bill grew up training hunting dogs with his Dad.  He started his police
career in 1997 and started his career in Police K-9's in 1999.  Bill
has competed and held certifications in NAPWDA,
USPCA PD-1 Trials and USPCA Narcotics Trials, Cleet Narcotic Certification, and Oklahoma's A-1 Association of
Narcotic Enforcers' Narcotic Certification.
 Bill spent a couple years training police dogs for a police training center
in the early 2000's before starting Texoma K-9 in 2002.
 Police and protection dogs that have been imported, trained,
and raised at Texoma K-9 are working in Police Departments, U.S. Customs (Homeland Security), Sheriff's Offices,
Sport clubs, and living in thousands of homes across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  Bill served as a
member of the Gang Unit of his police department's Uniform Division.  Bill spent 13 years with his department's
SWAT Team as an entry team member, K-9 handler
, Sniper, and Sniper Team Leader after reaching the rank of
Sergeant and then Lieutenant.  Bill is a graduate of the 49th Oklahoma Criminal Investigation Academy (CSI)
(CLEET) and was assigned for two and half years as an detective in his department's Criminal Investigation Division
(CID).   Bill is a CLEET certified firearms instructor and an instructor in specialty impact munitions, OC Aerosols,
distraction devices, chemical, and pyrotechnic devices.   Bill
currently supervises his department's lake patrol unit
has supervised the department's canine unit of 6 dogs.

Not including seminars and in-service training,  Bill has trained and mentored under two German Master Trainers
(Polezei & Schutzhund), and one Dutch Master Trainer (KNPV).  Bill has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal
Justice - Law Enforcement with a Spanish Minor from Northeastern State University and an Advanced Law
Enforcement Certificate From Oklahoma's Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET).  

Michael Lindsey-  Mike started his career in working dogs in 2004. Since early 2011 Mike has become an
accomplished decoy with our company.  Mike assists in teaching police decoying to our police canine handlers
during classes and seminars while being our main decoy for police K-9 training, handler schools, and training.  He is
commissioned police officer
in Oklahoma.  He has also worked for Oklahoma County Jail.   Mike grew up in a Dojo
from the age of 4 with his Grandfather who learned Martial Arts in Okinawa after WWII and was stationed there in the
Navy for 16 years.  Mike was a Martial Arts instructor teaching Judo and Japanese Jujitsu for 12 years in his late
teens to early 20's  in Illinois  prior to moving to Oklahoma.  He has also competed in the Junior Olympics in Judo
when he was younger
and the martial arts training helps in the decoying of dogs.

Kelly Jenkins-  Kelly is in charge of our breeding program and oversees our kennel.   Kelly served as a veterinary
technician  and then supervisor for two large animal hospitals for 12 years.  Kelly currently h
as Bachelors of
science degree in animal science and agriculture.

John Randall-  Consultant and trainer.  John started his career in Search and Rescue as an Army Ranger in Vietnam
retrieving down pilots.  During that time he received three purple hearts.  John and his famous search and rescue

dog Gunner served both at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building building bombing and later 911 in New York.  See
the  articles to learn more about this great team.  John and Gunner     John and Gunner 911     Just search any
search engine to learn more about this great search and rescue team also and the work they have done for our
country.  John has handled Buck, Ike, and currently Rony from Texoma K-9. John started a career in Schutzhund in
Germany in the late 1970's titling several dogs to schutzhund 3.

Quality and attention to detail mean
everything to us.  Our mission statement is

 "Dedicated to providing high quality dogs and training at affordable prices."  

We take pride in being able to do this since 2002 while maintaining our honesty and integrity.  We buy direct from
with no middle man.

Old Police K-9 Saying:
"Good Dog + Excellent Handler = Good Team."
"Excellent Dog + Good Handler = Good Team."
"Excellent Dog + Excellent Handler = Excellent Team."

Texoma K-9 Training Center

(580) 512-6629

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Bill & his PD-1 SG
SCHH3 Flipper aus
Wattenscheid- .

Flipper & Decoy 2001
Bill and Tory
Bill and Dunco
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John and
John and gunner                                   John, Indy, and Gunner
Bill and Handlers 2004
John and Buck had several
finds on the schools in
their first week together.  
They seized $30,000 in cash
stops in 2004,
Mark Chaffin From
High Plains
Schutzhund and
Bryan taking turns
decoying during a
Bryan with Franceska
von Texoma  

Franceska U-Tube 8
months old Shutzhund
Bryan and Dunco at a
Bill and another agitator.
2 decoy apprehensions
at one of our seminars.

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Bill John and Rony
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K-9) 2011.

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