Health Warranty: One year replacement warranty covers Hips, Elbows,
and Genetic defects.   Working ability is guaranteed.

Working Ability:  The abilities, drives, and training of the dogs are
guaranteed 100%.  We buy direct from private trainers in Europe who
hand select and train the police canines.  Here is why we offer a 100%
guarantee:  We do not use the large brokers in Europe or kennels in
the United States because of the lower quality dogs.  We are not
saying there are not some good dogs out there, but the larger
companies and most the bigger kennels in the United States deal in
large numbers and if one dog does not work, they are quick to throw
another dog at an agency and hope it will work.  This costs time and
money for the agency to have to replace a dog and send the handler to
more training.  The problem is supply and demand.  Since 9/11 there
are too many contracts to fulfill and not enough quality dogs.  At
Texoma K-9 we buy direct from private trainers who will not sell their
dogs to the brokers because they know they have superior canines
with higher levels of training.  These trainers want more for their
dogs.   Replacements can happen and we have replaced two canines
in the last twelve years.  The quality of the our dogs and the training
we provide speaks for itself and we'd be happy to receive a visit
anytime and welcome your questions and inquiries.  We can also
travel to Europe and hand select a police K-9 to fit your department's

Included in the purchase price of each police K-9.  In-Service Training
Package for life:  Although most of our Police K-9 handler teams do
their own training at their own agency or as apart of regional Police
K-9 traing groups, we offer In-Service Training and consultation advice
by phone or email and in person as a part of our services.  During the
time the Police K-9 is with the handler originally trained, regular in
service maintenance training and consultations are free.  We are
committed to our K-9 handler teams and the agencies that employ
them.  We offer this service because we are dedicated to success of
the handler team and the agency.  

A handler school is included in the purchase price of the police k-9.  80
hour handler training course for dual purpose canines included in the
cost of the k-9.  The handler school is mainly different scenario training
exercises and deployments for the police k-9 team.  These scenarios
cover the basics and also advanced techniques the handler teams are
likely to encounter on a routine patrol basis.

40 hour handler training course for single purpose canine included.  
This includes Narcotic K-9's that have the tracking, evidence search,
or the handler protection options.  Both handler schools are intensive.
We have just added new narcotic interdiction courses to our basic
narcotic handler school including storage building interdiction, motel /
hotel, and highway interdiction.

Patrol standards 80 hour handler school:  Apprehension, Out (release),
Recall prior to contact, Handler Protection, Obedience, Tracking, Area
& Building Search.
Narcotics Detection Standards:  Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin,
Methamphetamine in buildings, area searches, and vehicles.
Oklahoma. State CLEET Certification to qualifying departments.  
Dual Purpose Certification and Narcotic Certification.
Certificate and Diploma upon Completion provided.  Both handler
schools the 40 hour and 80 hour are labor intensive and conducted in
the real world and not a training environment.  The police k-9 must be
biting the KNPV Hard Suit and the hidden sleeves.  Soft prey bite ring
suites will not be used.
Basic Police K-9 Handler Course:  The Texoma K-9 Training Center
L.L.C. K-9 use and deployment policy are based on the International
Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Law Enforcement Model Canine
Model Policy.  Our training covers classroom instruction on utilization,
care, maintenance, record keeping, K-9 first aid, legal issues, use of
force, case-law study, scenario based exercises, and practical
exercises including bail outs.  
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