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Hi Bill, Just wanted to give you an update on Eden.  
Eden is doing great.  We could not have asked for a
better dog.  She is the perfect fit for us.  She is so
loving, but when a stranger comes to the house she
is all
business when she has to be.  As Tom found out
when a Salesman showed up at the door.  The
Salesman became upset when Tom was not
interested in what he was selling,
and raised his voice to Tom and became
threatening.  Eden thought the Salesman was going
to hurt Tom, and so she showed teeth and snarled at
him until Tom gave the off command.  Luckily
Needless to say we don't think that man will be trying
to sell us anything anymore.  lol.  We love her so
much.  She is so sweet, always wanting to be at our
side where ever we go, and always wants to cuddle
with us.  She is great with children too like you said.  
We are grateful to you for providing such a well
trained GSD.  We highly recommended you and your
company to our friends and neighbors.  
If we could send our other 1 yr old GSD to you for
training to end up like Eden, we would in a heartbeat.

Thank you for all your help when we were there.
Tom and Becky
I just thought I’d take a minute to let you know how
Sammy is doing.  He’s awesome.  He won’t leave my
side.  He loves more than anything to go for walks
and ride in the truck.  Backseat of course.  As soon
as he hears the jingle of my keys, he’s on my heels
and racing for the door.  I took him through a drive
thru the other day, and a man answered the window.  
Sammy didn’t like that at all.  He is very protective
(as he should be) and when we are out with him,
strangers look 2ce before approaching us.  He
especially doesn’t like it if a male comes up to me.  
But, he has fit in perfectly to our home.  Sadie is
about 7 months now and she sits lays down pretty
well.  I have to make her lay down, but she will do it.  
I wish you could see the two of them play.  It’s quite
hysterical!  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks
again.  We love him so much.  If you ever make a trip
to Houston with your bite suits, look us up.  It would
please Sammy to take a chunk out of something!  
Thanks again.  
Shawn.  Houston.
Hi Bill,
Just wanted to give you an update. Here are few
pictures of Katja. She is really doing well...she and
the other dogs are doing well also.  Sabrina has
continued to be a well behaved dog. You really
helped there.  Hope all is well with you and your
family. I will send additional pictures later.

Thanks again -- Ray and Chris, Colorado.  Sept. 2004.
Hi; just checking in to let you know that we made it
back home just fine. Cila is fine and adapting
wonderfully to her new home. She seems happy and
enjoys our daily walks at our local park. We do just a
little bit of obedience when we finish our evening
walk and she seems to be paying more attention to
like everything will be great with her, even the
poodle likes her… Anyways, we want you to know
that we are extremely happy with Cila she is so
even tempered that nothing upsets her…We will be
taking her tomorrow to get her microchip and start
the paperwork for her FCI pedigree…I will keep you
posted on her development and please feel free to
use me as a reference for future clients.  Regards.
Joe. Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
Pictures- Sold Dogs
Bill,  Hey there I’m just dropping you a line and letting
you know that Kanto is doing good. He has been
doing really good… here are some pictures of
Marijuana and Crystal Meth (ICE) and some pills that
Kanto and I have seized. I hope that the Photos turn
out good where you can see them.  This was our first
time getting money, we are trying to seize $690.00,
which it isn’t a lot but it is better than nothing.  
Anyhow, I do want to Thank you and Evan again, you
two taught me a lot. He is been doing great on every
thing.  Again thanks for every thing "ya'll" have done.
Scott, Lexington Police Dept, OK.
Hi Bill, just wanted to let you know that Jari got his
first street apprehension tonight.  We finally got this
guy after over 3 hours of tracking him through the
thickest woods and swamp I've been through in a long
time.  He decided to wreck a truck, pull a gun on a 10
year old little girl and her mother trying to take their
vehicle.  Then he wanted to run from the police.  I'll
call you and tell you about our 3 hour adventure.

Stay safe,
Chad & Jari

Hi Bill,  I just wanted to let you know that Jari and I had
our second successful track this past Saturday
morning.  Although Jari did not bite the suspect, he
did a fine job.  The suspect surrendered
approximately four steps from crunch time.  It was a
little close for comfort because I did not see the
suspect, but thankfully Jari did.  He was hiding in a
brush pile just inside a wood line.  Our dope finds
have slacked off a little bit.  I guess most of them
(dopers) are getting the idea.  Anyway I just wanted to
let you know that Jari is making a name for himself in
Geneva County.

Stay Safe,

Chad & Jari  

Hi Bill, These are some photo's of Jaris' find of about a
week ago.  It's an unknown amount of meth/ ice
(couple 8 balls).  I did not have time to get the weight,
I had to turn everything over to my Lt., but we think it's
enough for trafficking.  This is kind of high profile
around here because this bust was one of our popular
local real estate agents.  We also seized $3965.00 in
cash and her 2003 Caddy.

Stay Safe,

Chad and Jari
Police Dept, Ala.
This is what Cobus has done so far this week:
Early Tuesday morning my partner Corporal
Carpenter and I conducted an interdiction stop at a
local truck stop. Stories did not match between
driver and passenger. I ran Cobus and he alerted to
the right rear tire of a Nissan Pick UP.  Used density
meter and other tools with nothing found even in the
truck. The driver said that they left Dallas and saw
some friends in Okc.  Once in Okc they had that same
tire broke down and fixed. Criminal history for dope
on the passenger. Third party vehicle.  When I asked
the passenger why they were in Okc he said "You
know why!" It is are belief that the broke the tire
down to get the dope out.  So I am very proud of
Early Thursday morning I was called out to run Cobus
for McClain County SO.  Cobus alerted to the driver's
side extended cab bottom seam. A search of the
vehicle revealed a bag of marijuana in the bed of the
truck just above and to the right of where he alerted.
The wind was out of the north.  Again very proud of
Early Friday morning stopped a vehicle myself and
ran Cobus. He alerted to the driver door. I found a
baggie in a purse in the back seat that had about a
gram of meth, of course the driver went to jail.
Needles to say I am very proud of Cobus. Oh! I
already said that. Well I just can't say it enough.


O yeah! Last week I was called out and before going
home I responded to help night shift on a large fight
in front of our local bar. When I got Cobus out the
fight stopped and every one was cool. Funny how
that happens!
Hey Bill,
I hope ya’ll are enjoying the cooler weather. Well
half weeks…..WE ARE CERTIFIED!
He passed yesterday afternoon. The judge just
smiled at me and stated “now that’s a DOG”  We are
now officially 10-8.
Stay Safe Guys,
Johnwayne and Dasti,  Nacogdoches ISD Police,
Texas.  Fall, 2006.

Johnwayne and Dasti with 57 pounds of Cocaine
and vehicle seized on a traffic stop N HWY 59
Texas, June, 2007.
Just wanted to give you an update on Amy.  Sorry I
haven't sent any pictures. Maybe I will convince my
husband to take some of just her without Duchess
in them. She is a great dog.  She is "talkative" and I
had been bringing her to work with me on the night
shift when I was stuck behind the desk at work.  
She is wonderful with my son despite his issues.  I
had been looking for a stud dog to breed her with
until I found out exactly the cost of breeding to
anything worthwhile.  My father, who has been in
law enforcement all of my life, over thirty years, was
really impressed with her and her obedience.  
Again, thank you for such a wonderful companion
and family member.
Melissa,  Oklahoma.
Hello Bill,  The trip went great.  We
didn't hear or see Alda the whole way
home.  In the few days that we've had
her to ourselves, she has already
become part of the family.  We can't
say enough about her, she is so
wonderful.  Both Kim and myself
thank you and Evan from the bottom
of our hearts for finding Alda for us.  
Thank ya'll again,  Harold, Lousiana.  
Hi Bill,
Just wanted to let you know how April is doing.  
She is doing great!.   I have sent a couple pics of
her with the email.  Christmas, 2006.
April vom Texomaland
On the way home, we stopped a few times  and
when we got home, I took him for a walk about
every hour to let him stretch and empty.  He seems
to be just fine. Brent in Lubbock, Texas.  December
23, 2006.

This is Stephanie and Brent, we purchased Laiko
from you last December. Here are some pictures.  
Laiko is becoming a wonderful part of our
family...Thank you.  June 8, 2007.
I got Ajax home and planned on just staying in
when a friend of mine went out on traffic and
advised county that they were nervous and acting
funny and requested assistance.  I was a little
nervous about just jumping in but I went to assist.  
When I arrived I went ahead and took Ajax out and
checked the car.  Ajax did exactly the way he did in
the weight room of the certification.  He went down
wind of the car but would keep smelling from about
18 inches out and then back to the car working the
scent cone.  I gave him a lot of slack and I could tell
exactly when he decided that he had found
something.  Ajax jumped up on the passenger side
and tried going in the window, he then went down
the door seam and then scratched strongly.  The
other officer thought I had lost my mind when I
began praising Ajax.  We removed the subjects and
under the front passenger seat we found a black
bag containing three glass pipes, two baggies with
meth and a snort tube.  I am so proud of Ajax's  first
time out!!!!!!!
Thanks again for all the help.  I am sending a photo
of the find, I almost called you but I figured you
were give worn out from the school and it was
late.    Thanks again.  
Mike & Ajax

Just wanted to check in and tell you how proud of
Ajax everyone is down here in Jefferson County.  
Ajax is doing great!!!!!!!!  We have had several
positive alerts with finds, no large amounts yet but
we average 5-10grams of marijuana at a time, other
drugs, and a lot of paraphernalia. Last night we had
an alert on a vehicle with three male subjects and
we removed them and found a small bag of ice on
one of the subjects.  I was going to put Ajax back in
my unit before searching the vehicle with my
partners.  I walked him between the subject vehicle
and my unit to walk along the grass and Ajax lifted
his head and walked around in a circle.  I just let
him go (gave him his head as we were taught in
training) and watched him walk toward the vehicle.  
I figured he was still getting scent off the vehicle.  
Ajax then surprised me, although not as much as
my partner who was in the back seat searching,
Ajax jumped onto the trunk of the car.  I do not
mean he jumped up against the trunk, I mean on
top.  Ajax began scratching to the seam of the trunk
lid.  I rewarded him and put him in my unit.  I
returned to the vehicle and the guy in the back
seat had shoved a bag of marijuana in a speaker
that hung down inside the trunk.  Ajax gave us all a
little training!!!!!!!!   
Honestly though, Ajax is great.  I hope to get to
come up before too long to join in on some
training.  I have set it up so that we train every
Wednesday with your dog from Cotton County  and
the one from Walters.  Thanks Again,  Mike and Ajax.
Jan, 2007.
Dear Bill,
I wanted to write to tell you how delighted we are
to have Ex in our family. We got him from you
about 2 years ago and he is doing very well indeed
here in New Mexico.  The only problem is that he is
so good looking and good natured that we are
quite spoiled now that we are considering adding
another dog to our family and cannot find another
dog quite like him.  We even considered letting Ex
have a litter, but we cannot find a mate that is
even almost as good a dog as he is!
I hope you like the photographs.  They barely do
him justice.  Ron and I have kept up with his
training and do about 5-10 minutes each day.  He
loves it!!
Yours sincerely
Maxine.  April 22, 2007.
Not all the thank you e-mails are listed on our site so
we want to say Thanks! to everyone who has sent us
an email about their dogs.  It is great to hear from you
and know that you are happy and having a great time
with your dog. Texoma K-9.
Hello Bill,
Here are a few pictures Kara sent me.  I know, I
know, their not supposed to be on the furniture .
But ahhha, I figure it's softer then the
floor...haha. Vanta is getting darker/ more red,
and Ernst, well you know he's just himself.  Kara
has taught him to give hugs and kisses though
and as you can see they do both know how to
behave when they have too...thanks again Bill!
Kenny, July 2007.
This was our first big bust the first month we
were back it was 89 grams of Meth and 29 grams
of cocaine, a small amount of cash and a vehicle
making a delivery from Dallas to our town. We
average about two bust per week for ourselves
and have made a alot of finds for our State
Troopers and constantly get complemented on
our performance. Thank you for all of your help
and training.

Sgt. Jeremy Vandygriff-Ranger PD, Texas.
Hi Bill,
We have made numerous narcotics street busts
since getting back to Alabama. We have had
been very busy this week. I have only worked 2
days so far this week, but we have already
picked up 18 grams of cocaine for Slocomb pd,
and 23 gms of ice for our pd.

Last night we had a parolee from the state of
Alabama crash a corvette through a mans fence
and into a barn, the man said that the driver
fled on foot and was carrying a large duffle bag.
( the suspect had been the target of an on
going narc investigation) anyhow the LT. asked
if we could track him. Of course I laughed!
BINGO tracking harness goes on and long lines
come out. So here we are panning back and
forth nose on the ground and in about 2
minutes, BAM nose locks to the ground and off
we go. Zico was in a trot with his nose about
chest level (he was in high grass) we go
through some cut brush and then through a
field. we make a turn and then start down the
side of a state highway. At that point you could
tell we were getting close. I  had to reel Zico
back in a bit, he then turned and started
straight towards the state highway. I had
officers to stop on coming traffic on the 4 lane.
his nose right off the curb and across the 4
lane and away we went. We went straight
across the 4 lane to the front of a paint and
body shop. Guess what we found by a car! ( I'll
send pics later) K9 was in custody!  We went
back and checked the distance of the track. It
was 883 yards.  I then checked with dispatch to
obtain the track time. 8 minutes and 43
seconds. Not bad! I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN
PROUDER of my little knot head. That was the
longest track we had ran. Oh yeah, the track
was estimated to be about 30 to 35 minutes old.
You guys keep pumping out these quality dogs.
Kip Snell, Police Alabama.  10-11-2007.
Update on Nashoba (Auggie vom Texomaland).  
The boy went to UKC today and got a ribbopn
and trophy for best male!!!!!!!!!!  
My friend, who breeds American showlines,
handled him.  Auggie also got his hip rating back
from OFA.  They came today and WooHoo we got
an excellent!
Minta, Sadie, and Nashoba.
November 17, 2007.
Just wanted to give you an update...Esther is
doing great! She's the best dog I've ever owned,
and I thank you so much!  
She's an awesome Search and Rescue dog, and
now actually we are working towards competition
tracking.....just working on slowing her down now!
=)!  Thank you!
Allison Jones
Hey Bill here are some pictures of
the finds Sheila and I have gotten.
Sheila is doing great and I am very
proud of her. Thanks so much for all
your help.  
Sheila Video
Hi Bill,  
At the moment I am deployed to Turkey
so he is home with the family.  My
granddaughter, Kimberly, was born on
the 19th of this month and Zander
(Congo von Texoma) has already taken
possession of her I’m told.  I can’t tell
you how much I miss my partner.  I
knew from the start he was special and
smart but I had no idea his personality
and mine would mesh so well.  At three
months of age he began showing some
of his potential and protectiveness.  A
male was hiding in the shadows of a
friends yard when I brought Zander out
to relieve himself.  Zan let the man
know he was NOT welcome and would
not be in the mans best interest to
approach me.  This behavior was
genetics, as you know, there was with
no formal training nor encouragement
on my part.  I will no doubt be dealing
with you again on another pup or
purchase in the future but for now
I’d just like to say THANK YOU, Zan is
more than a pet, he’s my partner, my
friend, my comrade.  I look forward to
being home and having him at my side
and lounging at my feet.

Thank you

The photo was taken months ago, it’s
Zan’s first introduction to the pack at
home (Sharon, Oklahoma).  Nov. 2008.
Short update on CATY von Texoma 7.5
months old now.

Caty seems to be doing very very well.
I hope to put a short video cd together
this weekend to send to you.

She has been doing good work on the
"puppy tug" all along. Her "Prey drive"
is very good. I get her out daily to the
football and/or baseball field for work.
This week I introduced her to the large
"bite sleeve" which she took to with a
very high degree of enthusiasm.

She sits, lays, and comes very well.  I'm
really pleased and excited with her.

CD to follow.  November, 2008

JOHNNY.  12-14-2008.
12-27-2008.  Woodward PD, Oklahoma

50,000.00 CASH THIS MORNING.  
OWNERSHIP.  2-7-2009
Here are some  
E-mails from our
This email is to say THANK YOU yet time
perfect dog for me.
already received numerous staff and
all the hotel guests as well.  She plays
with the kids on my floor without worry
to ours, coming in and/or going out.  
She has also taken over 1/2 of the king
bed, while she gets down when told
without hesitation it is comforting to
have her directly by my side.  With the
hubby still in Iraq Hera has def taken
the lonely out of my evenings already.  
Sue, June, 2009.

from us.  She had previously
purchased Congo from our C litter.
Hera was a breeding female of ours
that is now retired and we are very
proud to have Sue own her.  We have
100% faith that Hera will live out the
rest of her life in very good company.  
Thank you Sue,
have forgotten the German
apprehension command. Not that we
have needed it any.
For the first time in 4 years, I am the
person that use to take long trips &
sleep in a road side park by myself . It
felt so good to feel independent again. I
got several complements on what a
good looking dog he is.  He just sits up
in the front seat like he owns the truck.
Thanks so much for working with us.
Blessings, Billie.