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We select and use only the highest quality German Shepherds hand selected for health, social family oriented
temperament, proven pedigree, working drives, good hips, and elbows that are proven producers of excellent
puppies for police k-9, working, sport, and especially the home.  
Dunco Va-Pe
Velmi Dobri VD International Champion CKNO Participant 2006 /
Hips: A - Normal 0/0 Breed Survey: 5V5/55P 1 Triad.
Registered with SKJ Slovakia, Schutzhund USA, and AKC
DNA'ed both SKJ and the AKC
Pedigree 1 Pedigree 2    !!! Progeny PAGE !!! 30+ Titled sons
and daughters.
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Video 7 KNPV Suit   Video 8 KNPV Suit  
Dunco is a well proven Stud Dog and competitor from the Czech Republic.  Dunco  was used as a foundation stud dog in europe and
he was imported to be Texoma K-9's foundation stud dog in 2006.  He is a proven producer of police and working dogs in Europe and
the USA.  Dunco has several sons and daughters that are police dogs in Europe and the USA.  Dunco has 35 +  titled sons and
daughter in Europe and the United States and every couple of months another is titled and added to that list.  His daughters and
grand daughters are used in some of  the best working line German Shepherd breeding programs  in Europe including visit our
Progeny Page for Details on these Dogs.  One son participated in the 2008 FCI and WUSV World Championships.  Dunco came
from the D litter of the Va-Pe kennel.  From the Va-Pe D Litter, Dunco had 4 sisters that had sons and daughters that were in the FCI
World Team and the WUSV 2008 world team.  There are fewdogs  in the world who are still alive that have achieved what he has with
his progeny while still being alive.  Dunco's lines go back to the very best working lines.  V Nick vom Heiligenbösch 3X BSP,SCHH3,
FH1 Kkl 1, (BSP & V-LGA) SCHH3 V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, G Ina vom Haus Gard, SG Half vom Ruhbachtal SCHH3 ( G-BSP ) FH Kkl
,  grandson, and line bred on the famous von der bösen Nachbarschaft Kennel, SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft SCHH3 (
V-BSP ) FH Kkl 1 and V-BSP 1990, SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3 and V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft, V Yoschy von der
Döllenwiese  (BSP & V-LGA) SCHH3 Kkl 1.  These strong line breeding combinations are producing some of the best dogs in the world
at this time.   Dunco is one of the last remaining proven studs with this outstanding and rare working pedigree / the Nick and Yoschy
line breeding combination with litter mates
Timmy and Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft in the 3rd generation.  Dunco is a social,
very high drive, hard, 100% environmentally strong dog, who produces great workers with solid nerves, great bones and structure,
good size, with great drives.  Dunco is a large grey sable and produces dogs with good pigmentation.  Dunco is good around other
dogs, (he is the Alpha no doubt, he loves to play with the other dogs, as we have a large pack here), obedient, and really loves
children, and has an even social temperament.  The children can take the ball from him, but a stranger would never dare.  The impact
Dunco has had on working line German Shepherds in Europe and the US is evident and a testament to his breeding and is obvious to
those have used him in their breeding programs over the years why.  If you ever saw him in person whether working or not, you
would see it.  Just type his name Dunco Va-Pe into any search engine and see the kennels he has been used as stud to improve the
bloodlines.  Dunco will continue in generations as a well-known producer of working line German Shepherds and it is our honor to
own him.
SVV1 Dolly  Zitavska Dolina
Show:  Velmi Dobri VD
Hips:  A - Normal  0/0
Registered with SKJ Slovakia, Schutzhund USA, and  
AKC  DN18783801  DNA'ed
Pedigree 1  Pedigree 2  Pedigree 3  
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Video2     Video 3
Dolly is well balanced in her protection work.   Dolly's is very agile with no fear of heights (has and will climb anything like a lion)
she is environmentally a very sound female.  Dolly also has great structure and showed Very Good- (Velmi Dobry).  Dolly breeding
is a combination of Czech and DDR working lines, she also has some out crossing in the bottom of the pedigree.  Grim z
Pohraniční stráže Grandaughter Czech border patrol lines.  Dolly belongs to the 3rd bloodline and her pedigree is purely
working: ASKOT, GRIM, BEN, INA, KASO, IWO, BAK, CIRO, GENT, IRO, CIR, FAX, NUKY - these all were dogs with excellent
temperament and working abilities.  Cross trained on suit and hidden sleeves.  Dolly with Dunco produces strong workling line
dogs with sold temperaments, drives, health, and working abilities.  Strong prey with natural aggression.  Dolly has several
puppies in Schutzhund clubs, police k-9 programs, and personal protection homes.  Most of Dolly's sisters are in the US as titled
females in breeding programs.  As far as we know, we were the first to import tis lineage.  Dolly is retired and still lives with us
here at Texoam K-9.
Dolly and Bill

VD SVV1 Dolly Podskalky-Slovakia
Hips A-Normal 0/0  DNA'ed
Video 1  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4  Video 5
VIDEO 6    Video 7  Video 8

Daughter of our Dunco Va-Pe.   Great working Drives and pedigree.  Proven Producer.  We have had
two litters with her and all the  pups were working quality.  1 of 35 + titled sons and daughters from Dunco
Va-Pe.  Great with kids.  Loves to play ball and is gentle in nature.  Serious Civil defender of property and
children.   Currently serving as a personal protection dog with one our trainer's mother and the
grandchildren, easily handled, yet an all around female.  Sttrong West German Working Line on father's line.  
Strong DDR breeding on mother's side.  Agile and athletic.  Strong fast attacks to the decoy.  Cross trained on
hidden sleeves and the full body bite suit.  Dogs in pedigree.  Dunco Va-Pe, Nick vom Heiligenbösch 3X
BSP,SCHH3, FH1 Kkl 1, (BSP & V-LGA) SCHH3 V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese, G Ina vom Haus Gard, SG Half
vom Ruhbachtal SCHH3 ( G-BSP ) FH Kkl ,  grandson, and line bred on the famous von der bösen
Nachbarschaft Kennel, SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH Kkl 1 and V-BSP 1990,
SG-BSP 1993, G-BSP 1991, SCHH3 and V Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft, V Yoschy von der Döllenwiese.  
Line bred on mothers side on  , Sieger WUSV Fado von Karthago, Seiger Verwin vom Blitsaerd,  Robby vom
Glockeneck, 2 X WUSV SIEGER /1996 FCI CHAMPION / SCHH3 / IPO3  G Orry von Haus Antverpa
Click Here to read more on these great East German DDR working lines.  Dolly was retired to one of our
trainer's mother as a home family protection dog.  She has a great home and new family


Dolly was the mother of our D Litter with Mambo Z Pohranicni Straze and she is the
mother of our I litrer bred to 2008 and 2009 GSDCA-WDA National Champion and 4 X
WUSV and 2008 WUSV Vice Seiger 2008
SCHH3 KKL1 ACEOFNIKE van het BleekhofVery
Successful litter.  4 pups.  Resulted in one police k-9, 3 personal protection dogs, one
female also in titling and breeding program.
Dunco Va-Pe at 2006 Int. Championship CKNO
Dunco Va-Pe at 6.5 Years Old in Oklahoma with us, above and below
Fany Neresnická dolina SVV2, IPO3 KKL 1
Hips A - Normal 0/0 Breed Survey: 7V5/55P 2tr

Fany was a strong large female that had very strong prey, toy,
searching, and natural aggression drives.  Social with family and people
and loved to work and play.  If she though we were not doing anything,
she would bring a stick or log for us to throw.  Fany was testament to
her breeding and was much like her father
 Xero z Pohranicni Straze.   
Xero z Pohranicni straze Xero SchH III, IPO III
Koer : 5JVQ1/P Velmi Dobry, Hip/Elbow : 0/0, 1st select class
CMKU 29846   DOB : 23/3/1997.  Xero z Pohranicni straze is a true
legend of the Czech border patrol.  He is Grim z Pohranicni Straze's
(ZVV III, IPO III, SchH III) son and the most famous and long standing
producing son.  Xero's offspring have been unmatched in quality,
structure, and sound temperament.  
Dolly and Dunco daughter
Cheyenne at 7 months old
Dolly and Dunco C Litter von

Frozen semen available
V IPO2 Jasta van Huize
Joris Hips A-
Fast-Normal.  KKL1
Jasta-  She is social with children, cats, and small dogs.  Just like Dunco, she let's the
kids all over her.  She can go anywhere and has strong ball and searching drives.  
Fast to the decoy with a strong grip and is a great protector of children and the
home.  We are pleased to own her.  She is Bill's personal dog.  We are looking forward
to this litter a lot.  Dunco Va-Pe is deceased, but we stored semen knowing that we
would love to see his puppies again.   It took us almost two years before we would
buy another female for breeding.  She had to be a great match to Dunco.  Jasta was
retired to a home as a family protection dog.
DAM-  VD IPO3 Charlia ze Svobodného dvora
Date of birth: 11.21.2009
RTG: Hips & Elbows 0/0
Breed Survey: 2.tř. 5CV1/P
Titles: IPO3
Show Rating: Velmi Dobrá


Charlia (Charley)-  Is a very social female.  Great with children and other animals.  Strong prey drives and searching
ability.  Very fast to the decoy.  Bites hard and deep.  

Charlia’s mother
Bona ze Svobodného dvora ZVV3, IPO3, ZZO, FPr3, ZPO1,ZVV3 is a strong but social female
competing in a lot of police competitions in the Czech Republic.  She is also a half sister to the 2 time 2012 and 2013
WUSV World Champion, Also SIEGER of the BSP, 2 X 300 Points. IPO3 Kkl 1and Universal Sieger at trial LB Bayern
Stud 2011 scores a perfect 100-100-100
Hank vom Weinbergblick

Her brother Cheese competed in the 2013 WUSV also.  IPO 3 Chees ze Svobodného dvora  Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
He is ranked in the top 10 dogs in the Czech Republic.  Charlia's other brothers and sisters are titled as well-
http://www.zesvobodnehodvora.cz/feny_no.html for more info.
Father Jaro Ja-He IPO3, 5V1/P Kkl 1 WUSV and FCI World Competitor.  2013 FCI World Team. Very good
producer of sport, police, and family protection dogs.
New Male-  IPO2 KKL1 A Normal Hips and Elbows.  Kosmic vom

More information to come.


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