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Mambo z Pohranicni
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Previous Litters  
Elu- Von Texoma
Testimony Page- Elu--Nice Pup that has grown up to be
a valuable and confident K-9 protector.
UKC Champion
Augie von Texoma
Arthur v. Texoma
and his girl.
DAM-  VD IPO3 Charlia ze Svobodného dvora
Date of birth: 11.21.2009
RTG: Hips & Elbows 0/0
Breed Survey: 2.tř. 5CV1/P
Titles: IPO3
Show Rating: Velmi Dobrá

Izzy @ 4.5
Izzy @ 18 months
IPO1 Cheyenne
and Caty left
Cato Right
Cheyenne IPO1
Sire-  SG NAROC vom Bunsenkocher IPO3, ZVV3,
SCHH2, BH, FPR3,  ZPS1 Kkl 2
Date of birth: 2.14.2007
RTG: Hips A - Normal
Titles: IPO3, ZVV3, SCHH2, BH, FPR3,  ZPS1
Show Rating: SG KKL2


Charlia (Charley)-  Is a very social female.  Great with children and other animals.  Strong prey drives and
searching ability.  Very fast to the decoy.  Bites hard and deep.  The best female to date that we have owned.

Charlia’s mother
Bona ze Svobodného dvora ZVV3, IPO3, ZZO, FPr3, ZPO1,ZVV3 is a strong but social
female competing in a lot of police competitions in the Czech Republic.  She is also a half sister to the 2
time 2012 and 2013 WUSV World Champion, Also SIEGER of the BSP, 2 X 300 Points. IPO3 Kkl 1and
Universal Sieger at trial LB Bayern Stud 2011 scores a perfect 100-100-100
Hank vom Weinbergblick

Her brother competed in the 2013 WUSV also.  IPO 3 Chees ze Svobodného dvora  Video 1  Video 2  Video 3
He is ranked in the top 10 dogs in the Czech Republic.  Charlia's other brothers and sisters are titled as well-
http://www.zesvobodnehodvora.cz/feny_no.html for more info.
Father Jaro Ja-He IPO3, 5V1/P Kkl 1 WUSV and FCI World Competitor.  2013 FCI World Team. Very
good producer of sport, police, and family protection dogs.

Naroc is a half brother to the 2012 DVG National Champion USA.  Naroc is producing nice pups for sport,
police, and protection work.  The great thing is they both produce dogs that they are social with great
More Information is listed below about Naroc.

We brought Charlia in already bred to Naroc from Europe.  We had 9 puppies in this litter. 6  females and 3
males.   Naroc is already producing dogs for titling and police work in Europe even at his young age in
breeding.  He is being used a lot and we expect him be used more in the future.  He is a strong producer for
proper temperament and drives.  He like Charlia is very social.   Please see the information below and
contact us with any questions.  Both dogs are very social with children and good with cats and small dogs.  
Charlia is very social in all environment and great with children.  She was raised in the home not in a kennel
and it shows.  Charlia (we call her Charly) is the owner's (Bill Jenkins) personal dog.  Since this litter was
born and weened, she has been cross trained from sport into a personal protection dog for Bill and his
family.  She is suit, hidden sleeve, and muzzle trained.  Very social, but does bite work like a seasoned
police patrol dog.  The real deal.  
Please do no hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We have frozen semen from Dunco Va-Pe and plan
to breed her to him this next year.  We have already started a waiting list for that litter.  

Charlia is line bred 3-3 on WUSV CHAMPION 1999, SCHH3, IPO3 SG1999 WUSV SIEGER Tom van't
This line breed combination combined with Naroc makes for a nice out-cross.  

Her breeder has been breeding for 40 years in Europe. Charlia’s mom --Bona’s brother is a stud at the
border patrol kennel formerly known as Pohranicni Straze.  

Naroc vom Bunsenkocher  
Kkl 2

Naroc website:  
http://www.balesten.wz.cz/naroc/index30.htm  and http://zptacihohnizda.wbs.cz/Kryci-psi.

Naroc's other sons and daughters are already doing very well.  For Example... IPO 1 Cedy z Vlčí
smečky comes from a well known line of West Working lines and multiple BSP/LGA Competitors. His  
grandsire SCHH3(SG-BSP),IP3,FH2
2*BSP Bandit vom Zuchtgut descends from the following well proven working lineage of SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH
SG Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft
and  SCHH3, FH, V-BSP 1987
V Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich.  
Lines to SCHH 3 ( V-BSP ) FH V Arek vom Stoffelblick,
V-BSP 1982, SG-BSP 1983, 1984, SCHH3, IP3, FH
V Askia vom Froschgraben,
SCHH3 ( SG-BSP ) FH SG Grischa vom Schwarzen Milan which brings in a very solid working  DDR line
beginning with SchH3/FH V Pascha vom Glockeneck,
SchH3, FH V Pushkaß vom Haus Himpel and many other Vom Haus Himpel dogs and DDR working dogs to
his pedigree. Other well known working producers are SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH IP3 V Gildo vom Körbelbach
and SCHH3 ( SG-BSP ) Hexe vom Körbelbach, ..his sire's mother line going to such greats as
SCHH3 (V-LGA) IP3  V Torro vom Körbelbach, And SCHH3 ( V-BSP ) FH  V Umsa vom Bungalow

Other sons and daughters:
VG Bety Daniel Bohemia ZVV1, BH, FPR1 Kkl 1   &  V Cedy z Vlci
Smecky  IPO1 AD TC CGC...   To check out some of the others click:  Naroc Progeny
Puppy Pictures
K- Litter 2 days old. 9 pups.   3 males and 6 females.
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Dolly and Nike and
Hassan and Dolly
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Born 11-16-2013
Kilo 8
12 weeks
Kilo 12
7 Weeks
4 Weeks
7 Weeks
All puppies were environmentally strong with  prey and possessive instincts for toys.  Very social and
show good characters with natural civil aggression if prompted.  
Kara 8
All were sold
Kara 8
Kara 8
2005 C litter