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Protection Dogs Level 3

These dogs are   Level II Personal Protection Dogs
and these dogs will

Grab and hold an attacker anywhere and any time.  
The dog will thwart attempts by the attacker who
strikes it with a weapon.  These dogs are also taught to
handle threats from a distance by making
apprehensions of an aggressor at a distance off leash.  
The dog will hold the attacker until the fight is over, or
told to release, or until help arrives and told to release.  
These dogs are good in the vehicle and travel well.

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Protection Dogs Level 4 Executive/
Business Protection

Most dogs are trained to Level 3.  Level 4 are Special
Order on Request
.  These dogs are trained as  Home
Protection Dogs, Level I, level II, and level III
Protection Dogs
.  These dogs are also taught to search
a residence or business for a hidden person.  These
dogs will also search a yard or work yard up to 2 acres
without assistance.  The dog will apprehend and hold
any person found hiding in the business or residence.  
Same as the level 3 dogs except Executive / Business
protection dogs have search training and some more
off leash commands because of the searching.

Prices Are Determined by multiple
Training and protection levels
Papers or No Papers
Breeding Quality
Titled or Untitled
Import Shipping Costs
Outgoing Shipping Costs
A deposits is required to hold a dog.   We are able to
provide dogs at better prices than most companies
because we do not use dog brokers, we buy the dogs
directly from people we know and trust.  Each dog is
hand chosen and must pass several examinations and
temperament testing prior to being selected.  Each dog
is different and different people want different abilities
and traits in their dogs.  Please
contact us for
information about a dog or dogs you are interested in.  
Dogs will be sold as individuals not just type or breed.

Each Protection Dog Has Basic Obedience:
Heel, sit, down, and come when called.  This includes
traffic and noisy environments.  Dog must perform in
dark environments and on slick floors.
Good Temperaments:
If a dog is listed as social, it is good with children and
grandparents.  Good in the car and the house and they
understand the crate.   The dog is like a black belt in
martial arts.  Calm acting and in control and no one
would ever know.  Can go anywhere anytime and be
ready when needed.  The true definition of a protection
or police dog.
Dog must defend himself and his handler actively,
show good protection drives and not forced to bite in
survival drives.  Dogs bite should be full and hard.  
Dog must not have excessive groaning or vocalization
during biting work (shows nervousness).  Dog must
bite sleeve, hidden sleeve, and bite suit.
Dog must not to be scared about noise (gunfire, whip,
etc).  Dog must hold the suspect indoor, outdoor, and
in the car also.
Dog must not be afraid of the stick.  Dog must out on
command from the bite.
Health status:
X rays and Elbows HD negative.
Eyes, heart, lungs must be 100% healthy status.  
Health status is confirmed by veterinary doctor

Our Philosophy of protection dog training.
Dogs that only bite a sleeve in prey drive are unreliable in
real world encounters (sleeve happy dogs).  The body bite
suit, muzzle, and hidden sleeves are tools in teaching the dog
to win and overcome an aggressor.  These tools when
combined with civil agitation, (aggressor not wearing
protective equipment) and proper training techniques make
the dog become more reliable than just biting a sleeve.  
Reliability and the proper training is very important.  The dog
learns that the person "bad guy" is the real threat  and is not
fixated on or have a need for just protective equipment to be
present before protecting it's handler.  This speaks to the
character of the dog and level of training.  Below are some
video links to protection dog training sessions.  These videos
demonstrate civil agitation and demonstrates a dog focusing
on a person and not equipment.   When we viewed these
training sessions, we decided that they should be added to
this portion of the site as a demonstration.  The videos are of  
dogs (Kessy),  and (Harley).  The videos are of training.  
Kessy,  Harley,to us as green dogs with their trainers
(un-trained) in their protection work.  These two dogs were
trained progressively and properly in their protection work by
from the beginning.  All are obedient, social, and of course
great German Shepherds.  They are both very reliable
without unwanted or unwarranted aggression or fear or
dominance aggression.  These videos are of the sleeve, civil
agitation, the hidden sleeve, and the body bite suit. The
picture on the above right is Kessy with two of her pups,
Katja her owner / importer, and Katja's niece on a walk.  The
picture of Kessy to the above left is her with a group of dogs
in an obedience training group in Germany before arriving
in  the States.  The video of Joe is showing the out command
from the bite and obedience controlled protection work that
each dog must have... Joe came to us started but not
finished in his work.  Schatiz belongs to a military owner and
is currently in training with us.

All protection dogs come with a handler class included in the
cost of the dog.  The class helps the dogs and the new
owners.  There is a bonding period for every dog with a new
owner and it has been our experience that this time goes
faster and it is better for the dog and owners when they go
through the class and training together.  Here are a few
reasons:  Most dog training companies will sell a client a dog
with a video and a list of commands and then ship the dog to
the new owner.   The other companies say that the dog is
trained and individual instruction is not needed, but that
depends not only on the dog, but also the people and their
experience with the dog.  We want our customers to have
the best experience with their new dogs and use their dogs
to the fullest.  With that in mind, our class is designed to give
that.  The class consists of classroom instruction, obedience
training, and protection training with the dog.

We will also ship dogs to prior protection dog owners,  sport
trainers, police K-9 handlers,  working dog owners, kennels,
and  trainers.  

Contact us for a current list of dogs available and prices on
individual dogs.  If you want we can special order a dog from
Europe.  Pictures and video are sent before purchase and we
only by from friends trainers we know.  Deposits are required
to start a search.

Texoma K-9

Protection Dogs