Puppy Kindergarten Class:
Sit- Stay- Heel / The basics of getting a puppy
started on the road to being obedient.  4
Lessons/ Includes puppy problem solving
and Leash breaking/ Ages 8 weeks to 4

Basic Obedience:
Sit - Stay - Down - Heel- Come Here - Sit In
Motion - Down in Motion - Finish To The Heel
Position / On leash obedience  / 8 Lessons
Includes basic problem solving
Ages 4 mo & up.

Behavior Modification Aggression
Solving/ Obedience:
This course is designed for those whose dogs have
taken over their homes or who are having major
behavior problems with their dogs.  It is program
designed to teach pack leadership and solve problems
through behavior modification.  Whether the problems
be dominance, timidness, fearfulness, aggression, etc.   
The program is scheduled for 10 weeks and intended to
teach behavior modification over time using dog
psychology.  The class may take longer depending on
how severe the behavioral issue is.  Obedience alone
will sometimes solve problems and it is listed above and
in most dogs it works, but in some instances of a
strong willed dog or a dominant dog, obedience alone
will not solve the issues and will make the problems
worse.  This training is more involved and not every
dog needs this, so please contact us with questions to
see which class is best for you and your pet.  The class
is scheduled weekly and is on a one on one basis with a
trainer.  Call or contact us by email for appointments.

Advanced Obedience:
Sit-Stay-Down-Heel-Recall /  Off leash
obedience training/ 8 lessons / Ages 1year  &
up.  Must have completed basic obedience or
behavior modification/obedience or passed
evaluation prior to enrollment.

Competition Tracking

Search and Rescue Tracking / Trailing

Police Service Tracking Level 1  Rural
Police Service Tracking Level 2 Urban

Consultations: Call
(580) 512- 6629 for an appointment time or
email info@texomak-9.com.

Training is conducted on a weekly basis with
the owner.  

Hank- We trained him and his owner Eric on
Basic and Advanced obedience.  Little did we
know that Eric was also teaching Hank to
fetch beer from the fridge.  U-Tube Video

Private Protection Dog Training For dogs
owned by Individuals

Protection Level I-  (includes all build up work to biting the
Protection Level II (Continued training and advancement to
hidden sleeve, body bite suit, and defensive training.)
Protection Level III  (Apprehension training)
Protection Level IV (Building and Area Searches)
Obedience classes included in the cost of the training.

Individually owned dogs must pass an evaluation prior to enrollment
into protection training.  
Contact Us for dates and times to set up an
evaluation.   Evaluations are conducted on Saturdays.  Training is
conducted on a weekly basis with trainer one on one basis.


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