Diego-  Dual Purpose Police K-9.  Strong drives, social with children, civil and good
defense.  Working the sleeve now and moving to the suit and advanced training.  
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Click on smaller pictures to enlarge them.  The videos are of training. Some videos may need to be saved before
they can be viewed.  Videos are of dogs in training and not the final product.  
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See our protection page for more information on our protection dogs, prices, and levels of training.

The videos are of dogs in training.  The dogs will have to be finished  before a handler school or they are ready to be picked up.  

Some dogs are not listed due to time.  Contact us for further info.

If you are looking for a dog and you still do not see what you are the dogs we sell are imports.  We do special request locate
purchases several times a year from our friends in Europe.  Either one of us or friends of ours will test and examine the dog
personally in Europe.  It usually takes a week or two to locate a dog, depending on what is being requested, schedules and
setting up multiple testing times and veterinary examinations.  Dogs that do not fulfill the requirements will not be chosen.  
Deposits are required to start a search / locate a dog.  Please
contact us if we do not have what your looking for listed and you
would like to have a dog imported.  Typically when a private person buys a dog directly from Europe from people over there, they
receive no warranty on a dog and are stuck with what arrives.  We own the dogs on this website.  We do not list dogs on this site
that are not ours.  Special request imports are police or protection dogs that we will go out and find that are tailored to our clients
specific requests.  Our special request imports receive all the same guarantees and health warranties as the rest of our dogs and
the drives and temperament are guaranteed.  We offer a  training and handling class with these dogs.  We offer a very good
warranty, but we have experience with people telling us they are experienced working dogs owners, only to find out they are
not.  Therefore, there are no warranties on shipped dogs and our warranty applies only if the dog is picked up and the new
owner goes through our training course here.  We feel we have an obligation to our dogs and clients and that the correct passing
over of ownership and leadership of the dog is a very important  step in the process.

Puppies  9 weeks to 4 months.
Go to
Puppies Page to see pictures and prices of our
current Puppies from our own breeding program.  We have one of the highest quality breeding stations in the United States.  We
not only breed the dogs, we train dogs.  Combined together we have over a 130 years of training and breeding knowledge.  
Knowing a pedigree is different than knowing the dogs even some.   A breeder  should train and know both.  We we breed for

All Prices on All dogs regardless of age depend on:
Age, Training, and Protection Levels,
Working ability, (Police, Protection, S&R, etc)
Sold for Breeding or for Showing.  Titled or untitled.  Shipping costs.  Imported or domestic.  Pedigree and Papers. (Quality of
pedigre or breeding quality vs. just being a papered dog with working ability).

All dogs are finished here, even titled dogs or special request imports will have additional training especially in advanced
protection training and obedience.  This is so that when we sell a dog, we absolutely know what we are selling.  When we train
the dogs, we train them in the correct drive.  All dogs will out from the decoy on command.  Also we are asked how can be keep
our prices low?  We keep our prices low from buying direct from  friends here in the United States and Europe / kennels we know
and trust, people we know and trust.  People we have trained with in Europe and brought them over to teach seminars in the
USA with us also.  We do not use the dog brokers who do not know what they have in their kennels.  Who knows what dog they
have when they have so many dogs.   Our dogs are hand selected.  All adult dogs are HD Negative.  Adult Imports come with Hip
Rating Stamp, (X-ray certification on their papers), or X-Rays that have been examined by a Vet for suitability for working.   
Health / shot passport if imported.   Our dogs are of sound temperament, healthy, environmentally sound, and social.  Imports
must pass
extensive testing prior to be shipped to us.  We do not like to waste our time or yours.  We always conduct further
training and evaluations here, once again, this is to ensure quality and to make sure that what we tell a client about a dog is
correct.  We do not sell dominant dogs ( unless requested ), normally then only for sentry work.  Each dog must perform to
standards.   Not all dogs will fit every situation or every person, (some people want an active dog, while others want a dog that
will sit around and hang out by the couch) please let us know what type of dog you are looking for so that we can discuss a
certain dog or dogs that you may be interested in.  Even though most our dogs can go into many different styles of homes or
agencies, we may or may not have what a client wants on hand and may have to locate it.  If so, we can find a dog for a client if
they wish to do so.  We have imported thousands of personal protection and police dogs over the years based on a request list
by our clients.   Our clients have been very happy.  Please let us know if we can help find a dog for you.

If a dog has certain traits that we know about, then it would be foolish to say the dog has to fit into a home where from the start
it is at odds with it's nature.  So it is our desire to only fit the dogs into homes that they naturally would fit into anyways.   If a dog
had aggression to small animals, cats for example, we would not sell a dog no matter how well trained it is to a person who say
owns two cats if the dog is already predisposed  to be animal aggressive.  This is counter productive.  Yes we can train the
animal aggression away, but it could manifest itself later without proper training and upkeep.  To say that a dog must fit a person
or situation is not the correct approach.  
It is an easier and the better approach to find  the correct dog with certain traits to fit the
specific client(s) in mind.

Protection dogs should not cost $10,000.00, not $35,000.00 or 65,000.00.  So if you see prices in that range on another website
run.  Also beware, you're not buying anything that cannot be replaced or trained at a more reasonable rate.  Those companies
do not like us saying that, but it is true.  Yes, titles add expense to a dog and they can add to the overall prospected value of a
dog.  Pedigree and breeding ability versus just being a worker will add value also.  No, titles and pedigree do not make a dog into
a real family protection or police dog, neither does a larger sticker price on the dog.  It involves training for the dog to make him
or her into a family protection dog or police dog.  Also the dog's ability plays an important role and selecting the right dogs.   We
are some of the most experienced trainers in the USA, the dogs we select are hand chosen and because of our selection
process, we are able to provide the very best dogs that normally cannot be purchased unless a person pays $10,000.00 or
more.   (obedience, full body bite suit, civil, muzzle, hidden sleeves, temperamental and socialization testing, and control during
aggression).  It takes time to prepare and train the dogs,  but not 10,000.00 + worth of training.

Click Here to see one of our protection dog pre-import working evaluations:  Other tests will include temperament around
children and other animals and personal evaluations of trainers we know and trust

German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, & Dutch Shepherd Imports.   Website updated periodically.  We also sell domestic German
Shepherds and Belgian Malinois  (Born in the USA).  Subject to availability.  Domestics are all of European lines and descended
from imports, but are not imports.   Most will come out of our own breeding stock where we know the lineages and
temperaments.  If we ourselves do not have puppies available, we normally have friends in Europe who do from some of the
highest quality kennels in Europe.  (Subject to availability and they will have all the guarantees of our puppies).  Shipping costs
are expensive, so looking in the USA first is our best advice.  If we have puppies available, they will be listed on the
puppy page.  
We only breed high quality pups, so we may not have puppies all the time.  

Call or email for current prices on individual dogs.  Price ranges are listed on our
Protection Page  and Police K-9 Page. There is
more information about the protection dogs on the Protection Dog Page also.  These are price ranges only and each dog will be
sold as an individual and have it's own price depending on the factors listed above.  Puppy prices will vary depending on the
quality and pedigree of the puppy.  Pet  / protection, vs. work..vs police prospect and very high drive..etc.

Health Warranty:  Industry standard one year replacement warranty covers Hips, Elbows, and Genetic defects.  Only genetic
defects that are not treatable by veterinary care  and prevent the dog from working are covered.   For example if the dog needs a
Benadryl for an itch, then that is not covered.   This warranty is for replacement.  The original dog must be returned and
replaced.  Brain tumors and such are covered.  X rays are provided with most dogs depending on the age, i.e. puppies and young
dogs younger than a year will not always have x-rays, but will still have a hip guarantee and will needed to be x-rayed at a year ,
please ask to make sure the dog has been x-rayed.  

Working abilities, temperament, and drives of the dogs are guaranteed as long as proper training and care are provided and time
limits apply.  Also this applies to dogs that are picked up and the owners go through training here.  Green dogs sold to
individuals or Police Training Companies have their own health and warranty time limits.

Once a dog is taken home or shipped, all related costs (veterinary care, transportation, returns, care, etc) are the responsibility of
the new owner.   We offer a handler school with every adult sold as part of the cost. There is no replacement guarantee on
workability if a client does not attend our class, training is not maintained, and replacement is at the discretion of our training
staff.   There is a re-stocking fee if a dog is returned.  A dog must be re-turned first before any refund.  If a dog is replaced the
dogs can be switched after time that allows proper care for training for the new canine or it can be returned ahead of time to pick
up the new canine.   This time frame is what would be reasonable considering finding a replacement, importing, and training if
the replacement dog is not located in our kennel.
Contact us for current prices on dogs and more information about them.  Deposits are required to hold dogs, both police dogs
and protection dogs.  We are normally book in advance, so the deposit is used to reserve a dog and an appointment time for a
class. Deposits and payments are non-refundable.  
Any health warranteed dog will be confirmed by the Texoma K-9 Training Center's own Veterinary Doctors.  No refunds,
exceptions may apply and have to be approved by Texoma K-9 Staff.  Credit cards can be approved for deposits.  Credit card use
for purchasing has to be approved.  We believe in honesty and integrity, please contact us with any questions you may have.

Dogs need balance Prey Drive - Defense Drive - and Fight Drive / (Offensive Drive).   All police and protection dogs are started
out essentially the same.  They are started in Prey Drive and slowly Defense and Fight drive are mixed in.  So if  a dog is started
out in sport work it does not mean it will be a bad protection dog and not be able to do the work, it just means if needs to be
finished.  In reality a young sport dog trained correctly trained makes a very nice protection dog if they have the required drives,
personality, and training.  Sadly too many trainers are training in defense too early or only in defense because a dog lacks the
required prey drive.  Too many people see defensive trained dogs who act aggressively as being finished.  They look good in
videos or on leash, but in reality the dogs lack courage.  A defensive trained dog who is not finished in drive will normally act
defensive and will act aggressively, but in reality it has nothing invested in making an apprehension at a certain distance from a
handler of a suspect or from protecting it's handler when it is not on leash or it feels compelled to do.  If given an opportunity, the
dog will not engage and it is not reliable.  Dog trained only in prey biting are not finished either.   If a  dog is not balanced and has
all three drives balanced, well the dog is not ready.  Prey Drive might get him to engage, but not keep him in the fight.  Defense
Drive might get him to engage, but not keep him there when he gets further away from his handler or on leash.  Fight Drive will
keep a dog in the fight and that is essential combined with defense and prey drives for form a triangle.  Too much fight drive
however based on  a particular dog is not good either, (makes a dog into a bully) which you do not want either.  All three corners
have to be in balance.   Quality is what is expected.   With over a hundred years of combined experience training dogs and
thousands of sold dogs, ability, experience, and knowledge in the selection and training are the most valuable commodities in
selecting a protection or police k-9
If we can be of any assistance or you just want to ask questions for more information feel free to
Contact us.  580-512-6629
Information on our Dogs for Sale / Warranty Information

Texoma K-9

Dogs for Sale
Bear-  Level 2 Protection in training for level 3.  Could be good enough for level 4 protection if needed.  Social and raised
with children.   Natural social aggression and defense.  Good in the house and car.  Loves to ride.  Bear's father is a police
dog and her mother is a import
protection dog from Slovakia.   Just started in bite work and he is doing well.   He would
need an experienced owner.  Not handler aggressive, but needs a good owner who understands working drives and the
Rex-  Dual Purpose Import from Holland.  Social and good with children and no handler aggressions.  Very strong drives
for bite work, searching, and an overall will to please.   Grew up in a home with our friend and KNPV member /  trainer for
40 years.  Very high quality import Malinois.  16 months old.   
Luna-  Breeding female imported from Holland, but can also be used for protections.  Social and good with children.  Not
hard to handle either.  She has some very good lines and very similar to our  Breeding Dutch Shepherd Female Lizzy
BRN 25479.  Some of the most important lines in her pedigree and our Lizzy are Castor BRN 3999, Arno BRN 229, Duco II
BRN 60, and Arno BRN 61.  Her Dam is Hannah Ben Huijs BRN 16541 and her Sire is Cooper Ben Huijs BRN9900.  Look
here for pedigrees (
https://www.bloedlijnen.nl/ ), just type in the BRN number under zoeken or click on the English
Prince. Level 3 protection dog.  Pedigree of His Full Sister  (He is AKC Registered also).  Started in protection and
coming along nicely.  Social male and great with kids.  Not the best with other animals if they invade his space.  Natural
protection instincts.  
He will protect for real, but not hard to handle and has good obedience.  Has lived both inside the
home and in a kennel.  
We have other dogs in the kennels that we have not added to the site.  If you do not see what you are
searching for, just contact us and we will see if we have a dog in the kennel that matches your needs.
Contact us email  Or call 580-512-6629 you can leave a text also.